How to Keep Cold Air from Coming Through Windows?

The most familiar question to ask in winter “How to keep cold air from coming through windows”? Well, you can fix it as you tried a few of them already. But still, the situation is the same and you are here for the expert ideas.

It’s difficult to keep warm inside the home while cold air surrounds out there. A drafty window or door can make it difficult for you. Did you seal that perfectly? Insufficient sealing is not enough to block the cold air most of the time. That’s the point you feel helpless, and we entered with few efficient ways to keep cold air from coming through windows or doors. Let’s get those hacks below:

How to keep cold air from coming through windows


If you are thinking of an inexpensive way to keep cold air from coming through windows and doors, then try these weather strips. They can be found in several types like below:

  • V – Strip: The most durable tension seal to use on the sides of windows, or doors. The strips will disappear after placing it perfectly.
  • Felt: Use it around the window sash or doors. There is no hassle to install this inexpensive solution around the doors. But, never think of durability and longevity with these strips.
  • Foam Tape: It’s a great solution to block the door and window drafts. All you have to cut the foam tape and seal it to the top and bottom of the window sash and door frames.
  • Door Sweep: It made of sponge, wool felt, stainless steel with the plastic brush, and vinyl. Just put in the bottom of the door to block the under door draft. It will save energy most for you as well as the electricity bill.

Secondary Glazing:

Don’t worry, you can install it on the interior side so that the outer side will not be affected anymore. But, what about the moisture build-up after sealing your windows? Well, secondary glazing equipped with a controlled ventilation system to vent out the moisture from inside.

Using Curtains:

Curtains not only used to block the light but drafts. Buy enough thick curtains to prevent the air circulation inside the room.

Door Draft Snakes

Another cost-effective solution like those door sweeps. You can make them using fabric tubes filled with something heavy pieces of stuff. The door draft stopper can be used under the door or windows to keep the cold air from coming inside.

Window Film:

It’s a plastic sheet that sticks on to the inner frame of windows. Just put it in place and heat to stick it using a dryer. The plastic sheet will shrink while heated to seal the windows for the rest. You can remove it easily when useless.

All these ways are so effective to keep cold air from coming in. There are few permanent solutions like caulking windows to shut them for the winter period as well. Otherwise, you can re-caulk the damaged spot on your windows or doors to seal the drafts so far. Keep connected with us for more hacks and tips.