Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Review – Powerful Cordless Shower Scrubber

Traditionally washing the bathroom floor often becomes painful and tedious for you. But by using an electric spin scrubber, you can do the job quite effortlessly and comfortably. Before buying an electric scrubber, you should choose the right product to get the best outcome.

Homitt Spin Scrubber is a top-notch electric cordless shower scrubber on the market. It has a slim design and a little weight (only 3.7 pounds), which made it easily portable.

Besides, it has a lot of amazing features such as long battery power, powerful spinning, quietness, excellent resistance to water, and so on. Let’s move on to the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Review of this superb electric tool.


Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Review

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Review


Long Battery Power

The shower scrubber runs on the power of a powerful rechargeable 3.65V-2150Mah battery. If you charge it for around 3.5 hours, the battery will be lasting for an hour. This electric spin scrubber has 360-degree high rotate speed, which can clean and wipe the dirt thoroughly.

Thus it meets your requirement of long working duration. This electric device is also anti-overcharge and anti-short-circuit.

Powerful Spinning

The speed at which an electric spin scrubber spins depends on the amount of torque. Since this unit has a higher torque measuring 260 RPM, it efficiently scrubs and cleans any dirt on your bathroom floor.

You can use it for cleaning various things such as a bathroom, floor, door, car wheel, sink, bathtub, kitchen, and so on.

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Despite having a powerful motor, this tool works without making annoying noises. It has a superb noise control mechanism. You can control the volume within 80 dB when you go through the cleaning process.

So, unlike other electric spin scrubbers, you can operate this machine so quietly and pleasantly.

Three Interchangeable Brush Heads

Homitt Spin Scrubber
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The Homitt Power Brush Floor Scrubber comes with three interchangeable brush heads, including the corner brush head, flat brush head, and round brush head, etc.

Therefore, it is more effective to wash different corners of your house. The big flat brush head is designed to be used in large surface areas such as the floor, tile, glass, etc.

The round one is used as a concave cleaner for bathtub, sink, etc. Finally, the corner brush head is perfect to be used in hard-to-reach areas.

By using the three interchangeable brush heads, you can get rid of soap scum. The brush heads are well fit for the scrub pad and brush. As you can rotate the head by up to 360 degrees, the machine allows fast-cleaning.


Since an electric device is prone to cause accidents, if it comes in touch with water, the machine needs to be water-resistant.

The design of Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush is highly sealed, which makes it superbly water-resistant. Therefore, you can easily use it in wet conditions safely. For better performance, you can use the scrubber with detergent.

Extendable Handle

This power spin scrubber has an 18.5-inch extendable handle, which makes it so easy to grip, and you will be able to clean sizeable spaces quickly.

Thus it helps you clean and scrub hard areas without bending and kneeling. If you are a patient of back pain or arthritis, the design of this amazing electric spin scrubber will be helpful for you to use.

Easy Storage

This power shower scrubber comes with a portable hook, which makes the storage very simple and straightforward. The hook enables you to hang the machine easily after use.


I hope you could gather some valuable information about this handy electric cleaning tool after reading the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Review. So, if you want to improve your bathroom or shower cleaning experience overall, you should give this product a try.