Door Knob vs Door Handle – Which one should You Buy?

Door hardware such as door knob or door handle, etc. not only does the function of opening and closing the door, but also increases the beauty of your door. When we go on to buy door furniture, choosing the handle is essential. What you are going to purchase depends on peoples’ personal choice, preference, and convenience. By knowing the comparison of door knob vs. door handle, you can easily decide on what to choose between them.

Door Knob vs Door Handle – Comparison

Door Knobs

Door Knob
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Door knobs can furnish your door nicely as they are available with a classic and stylish design. Even a doorknob with a simple design can make your door look so attractive.

Door knobs with plentiful designs for decorating your door are available in the market, including cut glass design, reeded design, etc.

Though door knobs with brass and silver finishes are most common, you can also find door knobs with glass, crystal cut, and porcelain finish nowadays.

Why Should You Choose Door Knob?

  • No matter what the configuration of your door is, a doorknob can operate the latch by turning the knob either way whenever you install it with proper latches.
  • Door knobs have been in use for a long time, for which it has many older period properties. For instance, in earlier days, doors were available with surface mounted rim locks that are easily compatible with doorknobs.
  • If you don’t find door knobs with classic ball shape suitable enough, you can opt for an oval or egg-shaped knob that gives you more grip, size, and leverage.
  • Door knobs come with safety covers ensuring enhanced protection.
  • Easy maintenance is another key feature of a doorknob.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose Door Knob? 

  • Since the door knobs do not have sufficient grip, additional force may be required to twist the doorknob for opening or closing the door. It becomes a problem for children, people with arthritis in hands and wrists or people with wet and oily hands.
  • Door knobs with complicated push buttons should not be used in a house where there are small children. Because if they lock the door mistakenly and don’t know how to unlock, then it becomes a big trouble.

Door Handle

In terms of door hardware, the door handle or door lever is a popular tool. It is horizontal in shape. Door levers are available in a variety of design, style which suit both modern and traditional homes.

door handle
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Why Should You Choose Door Handle?

  • The biggest advantage of a door handle is, it gives an excellent grip to open or shut the door. Thus it is very comfortable and convenient to use.
  • The handle is fitted away from the door frame. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to catch his knuckles on the door frame if he uses a door handle for his door.
  • There are door handles that offer varieties of back-plates. Longer back-plates can accommodate bathroom turn and release locks, keyholes, etc. Therefore, you won’t need to buy those things separately.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose Door Lever?

  • A door lever may require some maintenance often. Springs that fix the lever in position can become loose, and therefore you have to tighten them sometimes.
  • Door handles do not have older period properties. Doors fitted with mounted rim locks do not suit door levers well.
  • Loose clothing has the chance to get stuck by door handle and sometimes tear if you are a little bit unaware while walking through the door.

Hopefully, by reading the article, you got the idea about door knob vs door lever differences, which would help you decide which one you should buy according to your requirements.