Best Water Dispenser Reviews and Guide – (Top 9 of 2020)

Drinking tap water causes a serious health issue gradually. Although, few of us do it on a regular basis. Tap water contains harmful chemicals like chromium, arsenic, mercury, and even more. That’s the reason for having the best water dispenser.

It’s hot and you are thirsty. You need cool and clean water to quench your thirst. We know that people love to drink water from a dispenser than a sink faucet, right? Because most water dispensers have the technology to provide cold and hot clean water instantly.

Moreover, most of them provide filtered water. Those are the reasons people love to have a water dispenser at home. So, we got the Top Rated Water Dispenser reviews for you.

Top 3 Best Water Dispenser: Our Pick

  1. Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser
  2. Primo Stainless Steel 1 Spout Self-Sanitizing Bottom Load Hot and Cool Water Cooler
  3. Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 Top Loading Cooler Dispenser

The 9 Best Water Dispenser Reviews in 2020

Avalon Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Dispenser

Avalon Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Dispenser

With Avalon Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler you can customize your drinking experience with three different temperature settings. It gives a crisp cold, room temperature, and boiling water.

Avalon water cooler is bottle-less which means you don’t need to purchase water or lift bottles. Therefore, it also reduces the cost. This one has a 1,500-gallon sediment filter and a 1,500-gallon carbon block filter.

Also, you don’t need to clean the cooler again and again. Accumulation of harmful germs & bacteria is avoided by using a self-cleaning ozone feature. So, you don’t need to worry about when to change a filter.

Avalon has a filter indicator that alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced. This best water cooler dispenser comes with a child safety lock on the hot water so you can use it at home without any worry.


InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator H-HOT150SN-SS has a 2/3-gallon stainless steel tank. Different temperature ranges are provided in it, and they can be easily adjusted from 160°F to 210°F. It gives you almost boiling water. This is ideal for preparing instant hot coffee or tea.

It is very easy to install. You can install it by yourself only by following a few necessary steps. The perfect design completely fits into your kitchen seamlessly.

It not only speeds up the preparation of meals and hot beverages, but it also has low energy consumption which saves money. So, if you need the best hot water dispenser on a budget, then this one is highly recommended.


Primo Hot, Cold, and Cool Water Dispenser

Primo Hot, Cold, and Cool Water Dispenser

Meet another best bottom loading water dispenser, that gives you boiling, cold, and cool water to maintain your requirements. The self-sanitization feature keeps it free of any harmful germs and viruses.

Bottom loading makes it easier to use and avoids heavy lifting of bottles. The stainless steel door is easy to clean and increases the beauty of your room.

A multi-step reverse osmosis process gives you the best high-quality water to drink. No plumbing or installation is required which makes one of the best choices for Home.

The dispensing buttons are on top so young children can’t even reach them to make a mess. It also draws the bottle empty and has a red indicator light when it needs changing.


Avalon Top Loading Water Dispenser

Avalon Top Loading Water Dispenser

If you want cool water for refreshments or hot water for tea, then this one is the best top loading water dispenser for you. Don’t worry about your children being burned by hot water.

Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser is approved by UL/Energy Star and has a child safety lock. If you got a small place to live then don’t worry. The slim design can fit in any corner of your home.

This Avalon has time-saving equipment. You never have to wait to boil water in the kettle. This one is top loading which means you can see when it is running out of the water. Easy-to-use paddle spouts make it one of the top-rated water dispenser for offices and homes.


The Original Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump Dispenser

The Original Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump Dispenser

Dolphin Manual Drinking Pump does require any power source or battery. You can use it at any place indoor and outdoor.

This pump is completely BPA free and is made up of pure drinking water quality plastic. Sometimes you want to fill your glass quickly, and sometimes you don’t.

So, Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump has variable speed. It ejects water as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Variety comes in hand with this water pump with the help of a Flexible adapter, it can fit almost 5-6 gallon bottles. This water dispensing pump is completely reliable and durable.

Even after the usage of many years, it will be as good as new. This pump never leaks a drop after filling a container. So, you may consider this best water pump without any doubt.


Whirlpool Self Cleaning Stainless Water Cooler Dispenser

Whirlpool Self Cleaning Stainless

Who doesn’t like to drink clean water? Whirlpool Self Cleaning has 6th Sense self-cleaning automatically technology. This Best Water Cooler for Home destroys bacteria and viruses from water using unstable oxygen.

To provide you the best water this one has an LED indicator that tells you when the cold and hot are at optimum temperature.

This stainless steel bottom load water cooler has multiple water temperature ranges. Along with hot and cold options, it also gives you the water at room temperature. The hot-button comes with a safety lock for the elderly and kids.

Therefore, no need to worry about accidentally be burned when dispensing water from either the cold or hot side. With LED indicators it’s an excellent looking piece of equipment and an attractive spot filler.


5 Gallon Water Bottle Cooler Dispenser

5 Gallon Water Bottle Cooler Dispenser

Refill your drink, whenever and wherever. 5 Gallon Bottle Cooler Dispenser Stand is made for all surfaces.

It is suitable for any room or area. It is safe for your environment as it has a completely reusable BPA free valve. Non-rusting high quality thick stainless steel gives this stand a very long life.

This stand is highly user-friendly. This is portable and easy to set up. It comfortably fits 3, 4, 5, six water bottle gallons/jugs. It also saves you time with a fast-flowing valve, up to 2 gallons per minute.

The bottle stand is very strong and is impossible to break. It is completely leaking free and rustproof as it provides quality without sacrifice.


Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser

Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser

The Best Hot Water Dispenser saves both time and money. It heats the water faster than a microwave.

Sunbeam Hot Shot has an auto shut off which saves energy by turning unit off immediately after the cycle is completed. The small and compact design makes it perfect to use in any place you want. You can use it in your kitchen or on your study table.

This dispensing machine is very simple and easy to use. It also has cord storage which fits neatly under the base. Due to the small size and lightweight, it is easily portable, and you can carry it anywhere.


Whirlpool Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler

Whirlpool Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler

Start your morning with a refreshing glass of water. Whirlpool Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler provides you with very hot and freezing water. The best bottom loading water dispenser equipped with unique technology.

It also forms ice inside the water tank and gives you the cold water when you need it most, as in hot summer. Hot water is maintained by a patented technology that provides you with piping hot water.

This one is bottom loading which is perfect for aging parents, who can no longer lift a 5-gallon water bottle. 5th generation bottom loading technology leaves less water behind in the bottle than other brands. It uses a heavy-duty water pump for smooth working.


Best Water Dispenser Buying Guide

We know what a water dispenser does, just dispense water for us. It is becoming a popular home appliance likely to offices, hospitals, and more workplaces. They have upgraded the technology gradually! The electric model can dispense hot and cold water as well.

Using it, you don’t have to open the refrigerator so many times to pick up a bottle or so. Your kids can use safely the dispensing machines. So, it’s a great deal for moms. Also, it is more hygienic than normal storage.

Now, the question is what else you should consider before buying the best water dispenser?

Best Water Dispensers - Buying guide
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Different Types

There are mainly two types of them:

Electric: This can dispense hot and cold water.

Non-electric: Those may dispense hot/cold water or not.

Let’s introduce with a few other types of water dispensers below:

Bottleless Water Dispenser:

The name tells all about the types. Not required a water bottle to place at the top or bottom. Water comes through the main water supply of your home. They come with a superior carbon filtration system and a UV light filter to provide you a fresh and healthy glass of water each time.

Don’t require a lot of maintenance and provide limitless dispensing. But, you can’t move it anywhere after install once in a place without a plumber help.


The dispenser required a water bottle or jar at the top or bottom of the machine. Also, it required an electric outlet to provide you hot and cold water.

But, there is a limit of dispensing until finish the bottled water. Call your delivery man before it’s too late with a bottled water dispenser.

Freestanding Water Dispenser:

It can standalone anywhere of your place. Bottles placed upside down into it to prepare for having a glass of drinking water.

Tabletop Dispensers:

They can be placed perfectly into the kitchen or on the dining table. The 5-liter water bottles are convenient enough to use on the tabletop coolers. They also come including cooling devices with an air pump tech to dispense cold water for you.

Bottom-loading Dispensers:

If you want to avoid lifting those heavy-weight bottles on a free-standing dispenser, then go for one. That’s the reason for becoming popular these types. The bottle placed under the dispenser for this type.

Wall-mounted Coolers:

These water coolers fixed on the wall. The continuous flow of water comes from the main water source. Also, wall-mounted ones have a mini tank for cold water storage. The freezing unit does the job for it. So, you never have to wait longer for a cold-water of glass.

Other Factors to Consider

Considerations before buying a water dispenser

The compressor unit differs from brand to brand. The cooling ability depends on the capacity of the compressor. So, move for the smaller one if you don’t enjoy chilling water.

The hot and cold water dispenser can dispense both. But, analyzing the metrics of boiling and cooling capacity before taking the multi-functional dispensers.

Price may be an issue when getting a unique home appliance. But, remember that you have to invest a few bucks more for a quality water cooler dispenser. Otherwise, go for the non-electric dispensers at a low price.

Child locks are the feature you should think about. Otherwise, kids can open the spigot and overflow the drinking liquid. Hot water can burn themselves without a safety child lock procedure.

Materials can be the major issue for the taste of drinking water. So, invariably go for the stainless steel body rather than a plastic reservoir.

Most of the modern water dispenser comes with a water filtration system. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hygiene anymore!

Never compromise the maintenance before buying the best water cooler dispenser. Look for one that is easy to operate and maintain.

So, now you are ready to move on to the next step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a water cooler dispenser work?

The mechanism of water dispensers is simple. A big opening on the top of the machine designed to hold the inverted bottle of water.

The bottle seal disconnected by the spike placed inside the chamber. Thus, water started to flow into the cooler. And, stop flooding by a valve. The water is fed into a reservoir to make cool.

The freezing mechanism processed by a compressor inside the cooler. It circulates coolant gas through the pipes attached to the reservoir and reduces the temperature instantly.

The procedure starts again after dispensing full of water to the reservoir. See, it’s easy to understand “how it works”.

So, what about a hot water dispenser? The water comes through an inverted bottle, flows down to the heating element of the machine.

A boiler heats the water instant by using an electric heating filament at above 100 degrees Celsius. The high temperature also kills the germs before dispensing clean hot drinking water.

Q: Are water dispensers safe?

It’s difficult to explain the matter in one word. I can assure the top-rated hot water dispensers we listed here are safe for you. But, if you don’t maintain it can be unsafe after a certain period.

Most of them provided with two carbon filters that required cleaning regularly. So, contact the supplier to do the cleaning job when required.

Otherwise, the harmful bacteria will increase day by day to connect you to a serious disease.

Mold can explode on dispensers. And, it can be found on the hard to reach areas like the outside of the machine, pipes, spigot, and reservoirs.

You can clean the areas with a small brush, hot water, and detergent. But, do it on a weekly basis to ensure the safety of the water dispensing machine.

Let’s talk about a few other safety issues beyond those health issues. A bit of carelessness can cause a bad burn injury when dispensing from a hot water dispenser.

Never try a bottle with a little opening on the top for filling hot water. So, it can slip the bottle to spill on your hands. Keep out of reach for your kids from a hot dispensing machine.

Another injury we often heard about while lifting the large bottle to the top of the dispensing machine. If you do it inappropriately, then your back may be injured badly. So, know of the proper technique to avoid such an unwanted injury.

If you have a bottom loading water dispenser, then take a breath you are out of the risk. The advance in technology offers a suitable bottom position for the bottle that not require any lifting. The appearance is bottle-less to provide you a neat look.

Another precaution: Keep the electric power socket far from the water dispensing machine.

Q: Is Hot Water Dispensers Safe for Kids?

The well-known brands offer a safety lock on the hot delivered spigot for child protection. You will find a few in our reviews with a child safety lock. Make yourself tension free with any of those options.

Q: What are the Best Water Dispenser Brands?

It’s a good decision to invest in a well-known brand for any product. Also, remember that may vary to the types of water dispensing machine. Among all the types we found the following best 3 brands offer the top-rated water dispensers:

  • Avalon
  • Whirlpool
  • Primo

Note: You shouldn’t choose randomly from these Top brands only. Consider the other things as mentioned earlier to find the suitable one from any of these brands.

Q: What is the Best Water Cooler Dispenser?

Ask yourself first, the purpose you need a cooler. Check out the size and space you will place the hot and cold water dispensing machine. Now, match your requirements to the desired one.

If everything is OK, then that is the best water cooler dispenser for you.

Q: How to Clean a Water Dispenser?

It required cleaning every six weeks. But, better to do it each time you change the bottle. The main thing to do is ensuring the clean drinking water service from the dispensing machine. So, keep it clean regularly. It doesn’t require so many ingredients to do the job.

Literally, you need detergent, vinegar, and some warm water to finish the cleaning. Visit wikiHow for the easiest steps of cleaning it.

Q: Why use the Bottom Loading Water Dispenser?

You will get all the features from a bottom loading dispensing machine that offers a top-loading one. But, the only difference is placing the bottle.

Say bye-bye to the back injuries as you never do lifting bottles again. You can place the bottle in the underneath basement without displaying it front. So, there is no chance of awkward appearances.

They are easy to install and don’t require any extra effort to do that. Slide the bottle into the cabinet, and you are done!

Q: What are the Benefits of Having a Water Cooler Dispenser?

The following benefits you will get after having it in your home:

  • Water dispensers also are known as coolers are made with innovation and style. They make your room very attractive.
  • The Best Water Cooler Dispenser ensures the safety of its use. Also, the advanced filters remove all kinds of bacteria and germs from the water.
  • They are completely durable, reliable, and safe to use. So, they will last you as long as you would like them to and there will be no malfunctioning over time.
  • Also, Hot water dispensers equipped with the latest technology that produces hot, cold, and lukewarm water.
  • Moreover, a good one has a considerably long faucet stem to allow you enough room for a wide range of glasses and other containers.

Q: Do they able to filter?

Yes, most of them equipped with carbon filters which ensure you the clean water to drink.

Q: Do coolers give water at room temperature?

Yes, the coolers also give water at room temperature. It depends on the brand and features you will consider.

Q: How do we know when to change the filter?

They are equipped with LED indicators that turn on when the filter needs to be changed.


Everyone wants to have the best value for their money. When you are going to buy a water cooler or dispenser you don’t want to waste your money. We reviewed the best water dispenser for both the residential and business places.

The gadgets listed above have special and unique qualities that individualize them from others. The elegant design of these units will add much style to your kitchen, and they will look classy in your home.

That’s all for today, we will meet again with more effective reviews and tips. Till then, stay connected with us.

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