How To Choose The Perfect Shower Squeegee

A good shower squeegee is an essential tool for cleaning the shower surface. Before you buy one for your bathroom, you should know how to choose the perfect shower squeegee in the market of 2020. Don’t worry, follow the considerations below and get the best one without any hassle:

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Squeegee


There are varying sizes, from 14 inches up to 54 inches, which are mostly for industrial use.

Blade of Shower Squeegee

Shower squeegees are usually small, for the glass doors in shower stalls are not often that large. Squeegees for the bathroom floor should range from medium to large to reduce the effort and time needed to clean the floor.

The blade material is as important, for it determines how well the squeegee will work. There are different materials for these blades, such as urethane, silicone, neoprene and gum and rubber.

Blades made of gum and rubber are efficient in the collection of water and resisting wear and tear. Urethane blades work great on rough, uneven surfaces, silicone is high quality, and neoprene blades come with a high chemical and oil resistance.

I recommend having a few replacement blades for the model you pick. Even the most durable blades are not entirely resistant to wear and tear so to have one around so you can replace it when it becomes necessary.


Pick a model with a good handle, with attention paid to the size, material and the design.

Handle of Shower Squeegee

An ergonomic design that feels comfortable and has a non-slip grip will be the best choice.

The length of the handle majorly depends on how you intend to use the squeegee. For a shower squeegee, a long handle is unnecessary and cumbersome while for a floor squeegee, more extended handles are suitable for you will not strain your back.

Handles are also made of different materials. Natural rubber handles are comfortable, eco-friendly and comfortable.

While stainless steel and brass handles are sturdy and durable, they are heavy. Plastic handles are light and tend to break easily.

Job Specifics

Ultimately, the squeegee you will take home with you depends on the type of work it is intended for. Floor squeegees are very different from the ones used to clean shower stalls. Make sure you are picking the right squeegee for the right job for maximum efficiency.

I hope, you are now clear about what to look for before buying the best shower squeeze. So, don’t forget to check our top list of 2020 before buying one. Happy buying, keep in touch!

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