Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Review

A water dispenser is a necessary tool for your home and office to provide easy access to drinking water. Therefore, it is a convenient appliance that encourages you to drink more water.

Avalon is a top-notch brand for making excellent water dispensers. They design and manufacture these products, ensuring the best quality as well as the safety of the users. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler is one of the best bottom loading water coolers made by Avalon, which will come in handy for you as it has so many cool features and functionalities. In this article, we are going to review this superb water cooler dispenser.

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Review

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler


The main aim of this Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler is to make sure to supply with safe water to you

This unit is a new edition of stainless steel water coolers having a bottom loading design. It includes a cabinet for holding both three and 5-gallon water bottles. It is available in two attractive colors; black and silver, and the design are modern, classy, and sleek. You can choose from three different water temperatures.

The inclusion of the easy-to-use push button has added extra convenience. You can get crisp and ice-cold water at approximately 48 degrees Fahrenheit without even adding ice cubes to the water.

Besides, you can also get hot water from it, which will enable you to make hot beverages easily and quickly. Other important features include child safety lock, removable drip-tray, empty-bottle indicator, etc.

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Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Products  Features

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Three Temperatures:  This water dispenser gives you water of three different temperatures, including crisp cold, room temperature, and piping hot. Therefore, you can customize your drinking experience with it.

Innovative Design: The stylish, sleek design of this product fits into your kitchen, office, or anywhere you want to place it.

Purification Method: Avalon water cooler has multi-layer sediment as well as carbon block filters. In addition to this, the machine also includes a self-cleaning ozone function to ensure longer water purification. The self-cleaning function makes cleaning the water cooler way easier.

Light Indicator: The indicator light of this appliance improves visibility in low light conditions. Furthermore, the empty-bottle indicator light signals you when the bottle has to be replaced.

Bottom Loading: As this water dispenser has a bottom loading design, it eliminates the strain of lifting. Moreover, it lessens spills and can contain 3-5 gallon water bottles.

Child-safety Lock: As it has hot water spout, any contact with children might cause danger. So, this water dispenser features a child safety lock to ensure safety and worry-free use.

What is the difference between a water cooler & a dispenser?

You might have thought that a water cooler is always a water dispenser. But in reality, not all water dispensers serve as water coolers because there are various kinds of water dispensers, and a water cooler is one of them. A water cooler has some distinctive features.

The typical non-electric water dispensers don’t provide water of a particular temperature, but the electric water dispensers have settings for various temperatures. So, the dispensers that are used as water coolers run on electricity.

Water dispensers have at least one faucet. Models that provide both hot and cold water may include two different faucets for different temperatures. The water dispensers that contain a stainless steel reservoir provide you clear water with no plastic taste.

There is also a special water dispenser model with a filtration system.

You won’t need a plumber for the installation of a common water dispenser unless the water cooler is connected to the water mains.

Design of Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

This superb bottom loading water cooler has a sleek, classy, and modern design with a stainless steel body. It fits in any corner of your home, kitchen, or office. Installing this machine is very simple. It has three temperature options and a 2-stage filter.

This bottom loading comprises a cabinet holding both 3 and 5 gallons of water bottles. You only have to press one of the three push-buttons to select your desired temperature. It features an advanced pumping technology that rapidly pumps water from the bottle into the main unit.

The weight of this unit is 42.5pounds, and the dimension is 13 x 12 x 41 inches. No assembly is needed to start with the water cooler.

Benefits of Avalon Water Dispenser

Benefits of Avalon Water Dispenser

The advantages of the Avalon water cooler are given below.

  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It has a sleek, attractive, and classy design.
  • Three different temperature settings are available, and these are as simple as pressing buttons.
  • Installation is very simple. No assembly is required.
  • It fits in any space easily.
  • There is a sediment filter in the cabinet.
  • It purifies water by eliminating harmful substances like chlorine, rust, lead, bacteria, etc.
  • The carbon filter is NSF certified.
  • You can get both cold water of 47° F and hot water of 185° F from this water dispenser.
  • There are built-in nightlight and a child safety lock.


  • Child safety lock.
  • Self-clean ozone.
  • Different temperature settings.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Empty bottle indicator and nightlight.
  • Less power consumption.


  • Some users have reported the delay in dispensing cold water.


Weight: 42.5 pounds.

Product Dimension: 13 x 12 x 41 inches.

Size: 3/5 gallon bottles.

Color: Stainless-steel.


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Hopefully, by going through this Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler review, you got some idea about this fantastic bottom loading water cooler and dispenser. One unit of this water dispenser is suitable for 20/25 people. So, bring this useful tool to your home or office and make pure drinking water more accessible to your family members or office employees.